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The Claidhmhor Pipers were founded originally in 2000, an idea that came from a small group of
Pipers during one of our practice sessions. Founder members were Scott Cochrane, David Bell (better known as Dinger) and Frank and Corine Ulyatt. We were soon supported in our laborious beginning by Malcom Woods (Woody) and his daughter Sarah. It required a lot of work, time, dedication and financial exertion to build up the Pipe Band which has since it's humble beginnings, built up a good reputation. Our numbers has increased from year to year and we are always pleased when we find people, regardless of age, who are interested in our unique Instrument and express the wish to learn.

We practice regularly twice a week, on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. Anyone regardless of age or gender who is interested in learning this unique and difficult instrument will be heartily welcomed. We can be contacted at the given address.

Our most competent piper and Pipe Major is Scott Cochrane who started to learn at an early age, he is also responsible for the musical direction of the Band. He comes from a family with a strong piping tradition.

A couple of years ago we were joined by the Drummers from the Pride of Scotland. Some of the drummers then decided to play with the Claidhmhor Pipers. The Band takes part in Competitions and won the Title "All German Vice Champions" in Grade 5 in 2007.
Some of our members have also competed in solo events with impressive results.

Our main aim however, is not in Competitions but to give our customers an optimum Performance which we can honestly claim to do.

Some of our members have the wish and dedication to play in large Charity events for the benefit of the Marie Curie Charity together with Pipers and Drummers worldwide. This took us to New York in April 2002 where Dinger, Scott and Frank were invited to play at Ground Zero WTC and appeared in the Conan O'Brian Late Evening Show. In 2003 we took part in Paris and 2005 in Edinburgh where a new World record was set. Charities which approach us are seldom disappointed.



Claidhmhor Pipers

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Die Claidhmhor Pipers - die Dudelsack-Band aus Bramsche im Osnabrücker Land

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